Stéphane Montez
Domaine du Monteillet - Vignobles Montez
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Since the sixteenth century, the area of Monteillet belongs to the family of Villard whose most famous representative is Louis Hector, Duc de Villard, Marshal of France Louis XIV (1653-1734).

Patiently, gradually, the ancestors of Stéphane Montez, winemakers, mariners, coopers, animated by the love of the Rhone and the work of the Vine, bought the parcel by parcel land area.

Antoine Montez (Father Michel)
Michel Montez & Michel Maniquet (Brother of Marie)
Both growers in the area Monteillet

Michel & Marie Montez and
two children (Antoine and Suzanne)
Antoine Montez He founded the 1st vintage
"Cuvée du Papy" in 1989
Stéphane Montez
the current winemaker

A deed of 1741 shows Michel master carpenter on the Rhone and cooper "ancestor Stéphane Montez, buy a vineyard Monteillet. His descendants, after the Revolution continue their acquisitions.

Today Stéphane Montez succeeded his father Antoine, who has sent all its know-how. Stéphane Montez worked for two years in different vineyards in the world, England, Australia, California and South Africa. His international experience allows him today to improve the technical area and home to face certain difficulties in climate.

This adventure abroad said Stephane made me aware of caratère our unique terroir, this privilege brings naturally to my wine a nice balance.

Thus the Mount plant, make wine, raise and sell their wines on 23 hectares and three designations.